How do I uninstall erpnext my server?


I wonder if there is any way to uninstall erpnext completely? Because, having no success I had to reformat my server 2 times.

Could you please help me?

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If you format your server then the erpnext would already been uninstalled, isnt it?

By the way if you want to just remove the erpnext, then you could remove (read delete) the erpnext folder in the location /home/frappe-bench/apps/

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Did you use the easy install script? What error did you get?

Even with the easy install script, installing ERPNext has been terrifyingly error-ridden. I’m on my third attempt already following several server formatting due to failed ERPNext installation.

My current error has to do with MySQL root permission issue, even when it was your script that installed MySQL on my system in the first place, and as such should know to set and use the root password.

My previous installations failed for similar reasons, and my attempt to remove your MariaDB installation was completely impossible.

Just a little more effort and I’ll give up completely on ERPNext. How difficult an installation script be? SMH!

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@ugommirikwe you can reproduce your errors if you need help. Most users have little problem in installing ERPNext. Also ERPNext is free and opens source, so if you find something is not to your liking, you can also fix it.

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@rmehta I’m sorry for sounding off in my earlier message - just a bit of frustration with my experience then. In any case, I eventually completed the installation successfully and it’s running well so far.

Thanks for your response and for building such an awesome app. I’ll endeavour to add to the open source effort on this project going into the future as much as I can.

I also had to wipe my server and reinstall the OS to reinstall ERPnext. Really, a simple uninstall script to remove all installed software and data is very necessary. Wiping the server is a terrible time-waster and not possible in many cases.

Agree. I cannot format my server it has lot of data. Please provide uninstall script or at least a sequence to get things back to initial stage.

Just delete your frappe-bench and bench-repo folders and remove the “frappe” user


I am currently trying to do a uninstall.

Besides the above @rmehta listed, would you also need to delete the DB and DB Users if I plan on reinstalling? Or is there a better way of reinstalling. Just want to change where the repo is stored.

I have tried installing ERPNext, and indeed the install script is clunky. The script even fails if you already have a directory… Would be nice to put a little effort in to and put some if … else … statements. Life is not always straight forward so better have checks for the twists and turns.
After two days, I was able to get it installed but it would n;t run on my server having less memory, so there that goes.

Then downloaded the virtual machine, and that machine has problems of its own.

When the virtual machine starts it asks you to access ERPNext on your host system with localhost… how does that work? It has to be the IP address of the VM… and it does not start on port 8080, it is accessible on port 80.

At the end, I got it to work and I must say it has a nice clean user interface. But having had a bad experience to start with, and had a look at the code, I have decided not to use this at this stage.

Having said that, this is an open-source project and that is very well appreciated.

i uninstall in your way but in reinstall after this i get this error :

  • Starting MariaDB database server mysqld [fail]
    and my install was failed
    how can i reinstall ?

What is the commend for deleting them ?

Hello Ahmad_Moustafa,

To delete those directories use these unix commands

rm -rf frappe-bench
rm -rf bench-repo


what about the supevisorctl process?, which are dependent on the folders

This might work

sudo apt-get remove supervisor
sudo apt-get purge supervisor

How did you fix the port issue? I’m having the same issue with no connection on http://localhost:8080 (connection refused). Really annoying, because I followed all the steps to a T.