How do you display item name along with item code when entering sales/purchase orders?

When I done, then on printed form it is shown fine, but when I have to compare some paper invoice with my purchase order, I getting quite confused since I only can see item codes…


Goto customize form of Purchase Order Item and check the In List View option for the Item Name field .

Thanks, Makarand

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Hello, thanks for your reply!
It seems like it’s already have in list view checked for Purchase Order Item, but it not shown in table when I make PO

In develop branch, there is a new property called “columns”. You have to specify columns for all the fields which are marked as “Show in List View”. Total columns value must be equal to 11.

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I can’t find this page. Please explain me in detail… I’m new to erpnext.

Hello Nabin Sir,

I try this but it will show the whole item code with item name …i want only get the item name only show the item name …
As per you give the solution change the column 0 to something it will expand only and then show but this is no ok for me i want add more filed here …so that i want to show the item name instead of item code …

Item code:-IT001-demo-item

instead of this i want to show the demo-item only is this possible …need help for the same …