How do you use the new Editor on V11?

I think the Editor DID need some updating in V11, so hurray for the update. However, for now, the code editor doesn’t seem to convert HTML and the formatting options are quite limited. I just can’t get it to work using HMTL.

I think this needs a closer look and a touch up.

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@adam26d I’m using the HTML editor for almost of the cases, because the TextEditor is really limited.

On v11?

I still can’t get the HTML to work at all. How dp you do that?

The best I could do was this:

  • Customize the DocType “Web Page”
  • Change “Type” in line ~11 “Main Section” from “Text Editor” to “HTML Editor” and Save.

This should give you 2 new fields in the Web Pages. One is “Main Section” which will take Raw HTML and one is Preview which gives a basic preview of what you have done.
(Note that you do NOT get an actual HTML Editor when you select “HTML Editor”. You get an Editable Field.)

In our case, I am running Dreamweaver and have loaded the CSS into each page and then I try to write the HTML, save it, copy it out and paste it into the Editable Field, and see if it works.


If you are looking to replace Text editor with HTML Editor for v11 , you may try this app


I have tried both solutions. @jignesh_shah and @MichaelPinkowski your solution perfectly solves the problem:

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