How scheduler daily event works?

Hello everyone!!!
May i know the functionality of scheduler daily event works. i need to create record based on a retest date say for example (if retest date: “02-08-2020” and current date matches the retest date “02-08-2020” on morning 00:00 time its self it should create.) but scheduler daily event working on 02-08-2020 changes to 03-08-2020 at that time only it creates new record.

Does any one knows how scheduler works daily.

Anybody knows how daily event works?

Refer this one: Scheduler Events Daily

Hi @asanodaria!! thanks for your response in my case i am running a query

frappe.db.sql(“”“select name,ar_no,expiry_date from tabBatch
where status = ‘Approved’ and datediff(retest_date,now()) = 0 “””)
for ex:
retest_date = “08-08-2020” and now date = “07-08-2020”
as per above link scheduler events daily will trigger first time after now date change. but for myself the scheduler works when now date changes to “09-08-2020” only…

As per query it should create on the first time of now date changes to “08-08-2020” right? it is not happening.

Any one help me out

try this in your query:
DATEDIFF(CURDATE(), retest_date) = 0

hi @asanodaria thanks for your kind reply…i tried DATEDIFF(CURDATE(), retest_date) = 0 no change same problem

daily schedular would work, Kindly confirm that you are using instead of and instead of