How Stock Setting work(source code)

I do not understand how Stock Setting work.
Why change Stock Setting. New Item have that default value

Its quite self-explanatory, stock settings give you extended configurations by which you want to go
Eg . Allow Negative Stock - If it is unchecked it will check for actual qty present in your system while booking any stock document such as Stock entry, Delivery Note, Purchase Receipt if you check Allow Negative Stock it will let you create stock transaction even if you don’t have actual qty in the system

You can mention some of attributes to know its significance that you did not get on stock settings

Thank you for your reply.Sorry, I am not expressing it right. I mean I check almost everywhere. But count not find how Stock Setting work in source code.I create the same doctype but It doesn’t work

Here’s one basic way to search the code

Thank you.I found it

Good to hear welcome to ERPNext lee!

If you have any brief note or pointer - say a file or variable name you uncovered - that would benefit others in their learning too thanks!