How to access Rename Tool from backend?


The import-csv feature of the bench is simply awesome, it resolves the major problem of time outs.
For those who need to know about this feature can refer

Now similarly the rename tool when accessed from the front end would time out if the master or transaction to be renamed is linked to a lot of transactions. I am facing a similar predicament where I need to rename around 9k items of which some items are linked to 1000’s of items and when I try to rename such items then the system times out.

Hence I am looking for a way to access the rename tool via backend so that the time out issue can be bypassed or resolved. Now I know its not possible in current scenario out of the box but I would like to know if I could make a custom python script using the current frappe commands so that the issue can be resolved.

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Wow that was quicker than I thought…Thanks a lot @rmehta for your support once again.