How to add more fields to frappe/erpnext signup

I’m trying to extend the default frappe/erpnext signup form to add more fields, and custom functionality post user creation.

Anyone know how I can achieve this?

@redgren For login and signup, there is an HTML page in frappe/www/login.html. So same thing you have to follow is just add in the www/ directory of your custom app. Now you can change form or functions i.e. written by frappe team…

Thanks, what about custom validation post user creation?

@redgren For custom validation, there are functions or methods defined in doctype you can override these methods from the custom app…

Can you please assist to links for docs on this? thanks

@redgren I think docs are not available for these but you can refer this link for methods used by frappe team frappe/ at develop · frappe/frappe · GitHub

Methods I can see, but the way to override these? Can you help with a simple example? thanks

@redgren For overriding you can refer to this thread How to override method in frappe? - #30 by johnwick