How to backup the customization in workspace

How to backup the customization in workspace

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For backing up your workspace, please check this:

And for restoring already backed up data, please refer to this:

Note: This is not only for workspace, but also for all site data backup and restore.

If it’s a custom app, just set the workspace as public and it will be saved in a .json file inside your app repository.

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in any path exactly?

First there is two things you need to do:

  1. Set the workspace as public.
  2. Set the module of the workspace( if you want to save in your custom app it should be a module from your custom app)

After that just go to apps/{your_custom_app}/{your_custom_app}/{module}/workspace

If you are not using an custom app you need to save it by creating workspace fixtures.

i could not create one from here??

thanks all @gcunha , @Manav_Mandli , @NCP