How to calculate per day salary

Is there any way to configure payroll for daily salary calculation?

We have employees has fix daily salary amount and if we make attendance plus base salary as daily amount, then how take this calculation to salary slip?

Eg- employee has daily salary 400 and attendance days will be 20
Then how we make this calculation automatically in salary sheet?

I need a more simplified method of calculating salary per day. Time sheet requires that for a single employee I have to create daily timesheets which amounts to 22 timesheet records per employee for a given month and in a case where i have hundreds of employees, creating this much records per employee using timesheet isn’t feasible.


you can allocate the daily salary to the base and use a component for calculating the working days

Salary Component: Daily salary - Formula: base*working_days

In the Salary structure assignment, you set the base to 400

You mark only the working days of the employee in attendance (20 Days)

in the end of the month, Salary will be 400*20 = 8000