How to create packing list

Can Someone Guide me ho to create packing list and fetch items from sales invoice.

The format is something like this.


Likely that a customized Pick List or Delivery Note could be developed for this purpose as Erpnext does not have Packing List as such (or Bill of Lading). The Items would be fetched from the Sales Order.

These links may provide some guidance to start with:

I am trying to create a new doctype for Packing list but I am unable to create link between Invoice and my Packing list.

If you could share some tutorial or guide regarding the same.

Customization in general is covered here:

Linking fields between Doctypes is, IMO, not as easily understood or well documented , there may be some posts here that can help:

I think you didn’t understand my question. Like when we create sales invoice from sales order. There is an option to fetch all the details of a particular sales order and then get the same in sales invoice. I want to achieve the same for new doctype.