How to create web login users of self installed ERPNext

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I am new to this Open source funda and Iam trying to explore the product and trying to implement it for learning purpose, I have installed it and everything looks fine. I am not able to create user for the web login of ERPNext home page. I tried the default user and pwd of Administrator as per the document, But no luck. I request you to help me out to create admin user to login to my web portal of my self hosted server. It would really appreciate you if I can go through that stage as I am stuck and not able to proceed further.

Thank you in Advance.

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You can reset the admin password if you have forgotten it.

First @anr_rs let me welcome you to the community. Thank you for your interest in the ERPNext project.

The first pass through the login of any new/fresh install of ERPNext MUST be by the Administrator user. There is an important script that runs on that first Admin login that completes the setup of the system.

If you do not remember the password that you typed in for the administrator during the install process, you can find it in the file called “passwords.txt” located in the home directory of the Ubuntu user that ran the install.

Once you have passed through the brief question and answer session of the setup wizard, you will be logged in as the first regular system user. From there you will have access to the Setup functions for adding more user accounts to ERPNext.

Special Note: There ‘may’ be a timeout error that pops up during the processing of the setup wizard. If that happens, simply accept the error and then click on the “Retry” button on the notice window. This will take you back to the last step of the question and answer wizard. From there just click the submit or continue button (usually blue color) to complete the process.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you very much, I have tried and it worked. Thank you once again

so what actually happened. did you forget your password ?