How to customise SMS notifications?


How do we customise the SMS notifications which we can manually send after raising sales invoices?. We would like to send SMS for each sales like “Hello XYZ, Thank you for your purchase of ₹500 at ABC Store. Please check your email inbox for invoice copy.”

You can check the helthcare setting for your reference

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Would appreciate if you can provide a little more information than that. We are looking to send invoice details over SMS for walkin customers of our supermarket.

Mohammed_Redha’s excellent clue is thinking outside the box perhaps!

Why not be precise with what info you lack, or pointers you have tried or found and so on?

Sorry for not being accurate with our requirements.

We operate a supermarket and whenever an invoice is done on POS, we would like to send SMS to customer containing the order total and a link to see the invoice in their phone/tablet/pc.

We are hosted on ERPNext Cloud and all we have now is Textlocal & MSG91 SMS gateway accounts. We know what details have to be entered in the SMS Settings of ERPNext. We also know that we can send SMS from Menu > Send SMS after opening an invoice.

What we would like to know is how to customise the message which will be sent out and how do we automate the whole thing so that SMS are sent automatically whenever an invoice is made on POS?.

Thanks in advance.

Yes the devil is in the details - for this you will need to dig into and learn the code, just some parts!

Fortunately this forum is full of implementation clues and pointers.

As I understand there is no way to send an automatic SMS notification from ERPNext. Came across some references in the forum (under same search) that it needs to be implemented at frappe bench level. Dont know if an update to frappe will break any modifications…

If you do develop a solution - will appreciate it if you can share. If you see large webstores - they send an email invoice and sms notification of order receipt, shipment / delivery. Would be great to add this to feature to ERPnext.

Here’s an example coding how to I just stumbled on

To look under the hood try this

check this for your reference: