How to export one Purchase Order to CSV format

Hello, all.
Please, how can I export to the CSV file one specific PO?
If not possible, may be there is any way to export all POs and I will take care to filter out unnecessary?
For some reason Data Export tool has many other doctypes but not the PO…:frowning:
Thanks for the help.

Unfortunately, you can’t export only one. You have to export all, and then remove the ones you don’t need from the file

Great! How can i export all?

Wow - I just looked at the v11 export, and it seems there is no export option for that??? My system is still on v10, so it is included, and I am afraid I don’t know how to do this in v11. I recommend raising a github issue

Hey @leonp @trentmu check your role permission manager for purchase order ( As shown in below image )

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Thank you @sethu!!