How to find "Point of Sale" doc type please help me

I want to set role permission for point of sale 1 pic image, but i can’t find Point of sale doc type.
If another name of Point of sale please tell me thank you

thank you, i have one doubt brother. I want to set permission for 1 user. that user have permission only point of sale above 2nd pic. how to choose point of sale permission only.

i cant find point of sale doc type in role permission manager.

Point of sales is not a doctype, it is a page.

oh OK i understand brother. if any possible to set point of sale page only show for that user?


I think possible, First, create a new Role and add the page (Point of sales) permission that you are creating the role.

Then add a role for a particular user which you want to access the Point of Sales page.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

thank you brother.