How to hide default lines from frappe framework in my new site?

I am developing new application on frappe framework. I need those changes as I described in attached picture. Pls help me.

Those lines are not part of custom app, those lines are part of frappe framework.
About dialog shows versions for all installed apps.

Since you want to keep some menu items but not others, you’ll have to use js to add a css class to the items you don’t want to show.

Then, use css to hide the fields you don’t want to see.

You can do this in the js and css files in the public folder of your Library app.

Thank you for idea @felix , I will try and will do reply about result obviously.

How can i hide those dialog?.

Can you please tell me where to modify files and add those css hide property. I have library_mang application with newsite and new user in that site. I want to hide those four line for all users in new site.

Please try searching for answers first

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@rmehta Sir, can you please provide me easy steps to do this. I am unable to do this after trying many times. I am really in trouble . I would very thankful for your response.

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