How to improve user involvement in development of ERPNext

It seems to be working, I saw few comments on the e-commerce-refactor PR.

Let us try to push system with more generated sites.

Suggest PR to test.

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No suggestion for PR?

@Pirated @bkm are now admins of

Anyone else wants to test?

Any suggestions?

I feel this refactor: Website routing and rendering PR is a good candidate for testing for the community.

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I made this setup to review ERPNext.

Frappe Review will take some time for me to figure out the builds.

This PR on ERPNext seems like a candidate feat: Increase number of supported currency exchanges by rtdany10 · Pull Request #25722 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub it has some user comments

thanks @revant_one . will do my best. you are doing great job. feeling great to contribute to the project.

This seems a bit interesting, but as @bkm suggested, it costs money to support?

There is cost to everything. Even if we use some service like tugboat, it will cost.

The cost is for business users who cannot setup PRs locally. If it is useful for business users it is justified and we can think of something to fund it.

Even if things don’t work out here, I will salvage value from the code of the app.

Huh, that’s really cool, but doesn’t frappe cloud already give free trials?

For PRs? That’s great! I can stop this FOSS activity where it is at the moment and we can start using that.

I want to try this PR on frappecloud


  • Right now (2021-06-10) there is no way to start a site from PR on frappecloud.
  • If PR based sites are accepted on frappecloud that means frappe and erpnext forks can be hosted on frappecloud.

This is possible with current docker image already,
I’ll just have to wire it up in on the erpnext feature board app. I’ll put it on my todo list.

pass: 123

I want to try following PR

I’ll try to push my small cluster for the 4th “bench”

First bench = feature board app itself
Second bench = e-commerce refactor
Third bench = frappe website refactor
Fourth will be this PR.

If needed I’ll add one more node, that may accommodate few benches.

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password: 123


Thanks, will test the upcoming insurance and claim management feature.

Next one I’m planning to test the discourse Integration.

Hello All & Revant, Great initiative. I would also like to dedicate some of my time testing new features or just test what is required. This thread is already quite long to follow what I need to do to join. Could we write a small step by step doc that would remove some friction and learning curve so we can jump in and try things out?

I can help write it, but i need to understand it first :slight_smile: Anyone that can spare 10-15min and I will write a simple “How-To…”

Many many thanks!


Telegram: Contact @erpnextcontrib, We had a call on Thursday

Call Attended by:
Frappe Team: Nabin, Suraj, Ankush, Gavin
Community: Sagar (@snv)

Call Notes:

  • Moderator based Portal
  • Website User(s) visit “/improvement” page, and select one improvement.
  • Improvement has request form
  • Users can track request linked to improvement
  • Moderators act on the request
  • Moderators can add users to PR site as per request
  • Users will request sites to be generated for improvement/pr
  • Users will have to request accounts on review sites.
  • Request and interaction portal for users and mods: track requests
  • Review Bot adds or edits post on Forum for notifying users
  • Developers can then check the post for user insights
  • Discourse post link will be added on PR for reference

moving the discussion here