How to improve user involvement in development of ERPNext

looking forward to see it in action.

Hi Team,

I believe this platform has massive potential.

I for one would be more than willing to learn how to code and contribute to the team.

I would say I am a beginner/intermediate at coding in JS/Python/Html/CSS.

I have already watched all the frappe and erpnext tutorial on youtube, but I still feel that it isn’t enough for noob developers to start contributing.

I really think that a full on tutorial such as those you get on Udemy for other frameworks such as Angular or Django, will give the Dev community a massive jump start and will start growing at a massive rate.

If I could learn how to develop and build features for ERPNext, I would of already been contributing to this project.



This is a very important point. The Docker part is there. But, admittedly, there is much room for improvement to make ERPNext trouble free.

Hi all,
New to forum and ERPnext, still deciding if it’s something I want to and trust to use.

I think getting a bullet proof docker installation guide would be a great help to get more people interested.
Have it working for Windows WSL too to keep the barrier as low as possible.

My thoughts
Implement an really simple (and blinding obvious) way to automatically backup localhost env. (I didn’t try very hard but the backup to Gmail didn’t seem to work for non public URL). Also have bullet proof start again form backup guide (also with a kind of big button at initial installation saying "want to restore from backup? ")

Then people could start using more easily it for one person operations and testing.

Have this process as sacrosanct at all upgrade tests so people can trust that they will never lose their data. For business anything less than 100% in this area is useless.

I think people could use some elements like CRM or Project out of the box for immediate benefit just as a personal database. I know that’s not the point of an ERP but the functionality is there so use it go generate interest and trust in product for new users.

I read in another post previously poeple had issues with upgrades, this is the kind of thing that is making me hesitate to use it. I’d use a system that never breaks over one that looks fancy and perhaps even does more but has occasional issues any day of the week.

There are my thoughts as someone considering erpnext.
Ps if I do start using it I’ll be delighted to contribute what I can as seems a fantastic initiative.



We have a proof of concept for developers interested to contribute and speed up the development.

RohanB did all the github sync part over the weekend. I was able write and call few functions that built docker images, install the helm release and deleted the helm release.


Readme/Repo: GitHub - revant/erpnext_feature_board: Feature board for ERPNext
Try functions from console Home · revant/erpnext_feature_board Wiki · GitHub


Initialize Site

  • Add Github Repository , add the url and github personal access token
  • Sync Github Repository

Does Github Repository refer to our personal github repository?

v. good , I am also interested to contribute in terms of testing as well as betterment/addition to already added feature. However, I still need to learn the proposed mechanism, so little extensive documentation will help to people like me who are not coming from a purely technical background.

Add ERPNext repo. The one which has PR.
Being open repo any PAT will do. It is just needed to pull
open PR data


No need of PAT for public PR data. We’ll remove it to reduce confusion for developers.

For user testing I’ll come up with something that is easy enough for clicks. For your case, wait for it to be live somewhere some time.

For developer, try out things from wiki to get some understanding.

We’re giving only our spare time to it. We’ll need developers who really can speed up the developement, understand things, even add extensive documentation. I’m not best person to write documentation. More weekend developers, faster the thing may go live.

RohanB had no experience with docker/K8s, he managed to setup using readme and then run the commands from wiki on bench console and that created a site on locally setup cluster

Agenda for the weekend. 2021-06-05

  • will be the feature board.
  • will be the site of PR that is generated
  • Used Castlecraft’s Digitalocean credits to setup a Kubernetes cluster for the above setup. (2Nodes, 1LB, 1Bucket, 50DB+50NFS=100GB storage) Approx under 60USD/Month.
  • Used spare domain to setup things.
  • If this thing picks up, I’ll transfer everything to (Code is already FOSS)
  • If things don’t pick up, community can refer frappe framework code to interact with Kubernetes.


Generated test site:

As I mentioned the site will be live only for testing, If this is good project to continue then we move it to or buy new community domain for user testing and review.

Notes to setup production: erpnext_feature_board/cluster/prod at main · revant/erpnext_feature_board · GitHub

What to do next? How to add and moderate the review board users? Currently the password for the review site is stored as plain data field on Improvement.

I expect people from community who know frappe framework to help. It is just a frappe app. Forget the Kubernetes part and ignore the generated Error Log and it can be developed as frappe app for web view, portal, dashboard, validations, moderation, features, etc.

Me and Rohan are the only part time developers for this app now.

Edit: Send me or Rohan email ids and we’ll add them as users to system


Wish I could “Like” a post more than once. This is an awesome way to build community interest. Great Job @revant_one and @RohanB




If anyone wish to try the e-commerce refactor PR it is hosted here:

System Manager:
Password: 123

It’ll be helpful if people review or comment.
Free credits are burning up. I’ll close all this when I exhaust all the DO credits.



Thanks for all the efforts. Really appreciate that.
We would want to test e-commerce for a hospital which would like to sell health packages.
Is it fine to enable healthcare domain in the site ?

sure! I had enabled Retail, Services and Distribution as part of wizard.

This is the error upon the creation of the item. I am not sure if this should be reported on Github PR?

Found the issue with build, fixed it, try again.

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