How to improve user involvement in development of ERPNext

Identifying and solving bugs is also user involvement in development of ERPNext. This is a separate interaction in itself and it is equally important.

My idea for user group and PR testing was for users to manually test upcoming releases and be aware of changes, participate in the changes.


@revant_one I partially agree, but the problem I see, is ERPNext is huge!

We have unitary tests, and they doesn’t cover 100% of the system, neighter edge cases like properly integrations between modules.

Also we have the, where we can keep an eye, to understand what’s going on.

But, it still doesn’t solve the problem!

My suggestion with, is because we can collect usefull information from everywhere, and keep this information open (if there’s not sensible data).

Also, sentry, has a nice way to organize reincident bugs, what can define some level of priorization.

But, even this has they own problems (it’s my technical side, making a technical proposition, that if not properly implemented, will exclude users voice from the equation)


This has been the topic recently.

“Bugs” and their fixes would be another set of circumstances.


This is Agile approach.

Guys, I think we need to consider a reading here, only remembering my subject is about the governance of the community, and not ERPNext or Frappé Projects, they are under the umbrella of Frappé,

Hahaha. It appears Frappe / ERPNext is all of the above.

I think this forum is doing a function like this.

I agree with Revant that Frappe / ERPNext will benefit from well-defined focused groups who can incrementally develop in an involved manner.

Another lecture

Another lecture

IMHO, Frappe / ERPNext is one of the open source projects that is truly committed to Open Source.

Many open source projects are indeed single-vendor sample wares that use open source to hook in customers.

The manuals contain sparse information. True - the source code is released, but there is no information about tools, dependencies, and compilers, etc. When you look into the forums, the queries remain unanswered. The latest answers are at least one year old.

If you really want to dive deeper, you may take paid course modules offered by the company and basic consultation starts at $4,500.


I think Frappe / ERPNext has implemented something similar to this in this forum.

I dont got this subject

They have the plataform for gatter the data, what’s perfect!

The orbit model, is just a proposition about how to take that data, and evaluate the engagement of members into the community, it’s a model to transform a chunk of data, into insights for the community itself.

Also, to recognize the effort of people, that doesn’t code, but also spend they time helping others, like @clarkej (one of the most memorable members of this community, that even without coding a single line of code, was unbeatable in give his time back to the community, at the same time him was facing his personal problems!)


I am currently looking into an Open Source project on Property Management with integrated BIM / Cad / GIS map integration / Document-Storage. It is uses Java Spring framework. It is powerful. The demos make your mouth water. The source code is released through Sourceforge (not github), so it is totally company controlled. I am still messing around with the code. There are lots of features that are a good source of ideas which can be implemented in my custom apps in Frappe. Their forum is basically non-functional, and if you want to do coding, you are on your own.

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I can volunteer to setup few PR related benches and sites manually to try out things.

  • We’ll host 1 site
  • fill in data
  • choose 1 PR to test and set it up on our site
  • users review PR and ask change or approve
  • for changes suggested, PR updated, server updated, repeat previous step,
  • if approved. Users comment their approval.

We’ll review few PR like this first and then decide what to do next.

Unanswered question: What happens to pending PR to be merged and its related site?

“Fill in data” step needs to be programmed. So we just build new site, auto fill data and start fresh with new PR / site. We don’t have to wait for PR to get merged to start testing new PR.

I’m trying to think from the user perspective. I’m ready to do everything manually because we really don’t know what unfolds to automate it now.


It would be nice to use Frappe for this.

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@revant_one I can offer the storage of the Database backups, until the PR get merged

Pull requests · frappe/erpnext · GitHub. Which one should we start with?

IMHO Shopping Cart Refactor seems to be a good candidate.

It’s a very good initiative to speed up the things. Is there a simple way to review multiple PR at a time in one branch.