How to install ERPNext in CPanel

Hi friends,
I have hosted my website somewhare, I want to install ERPNext beside, when I type it should load erpnext which hosted.
any solution?

I checked bellow issue but couldn’t understand.

2 thoughts:

  1. you would not run ERPNext on the same server as your website in order to avoid dependencies interferring with each other
  2. displyaing your ERPNext instance under any URL (such as naturally is possible (I think even with a cloud instance running on i.e.). I’ll dig out a how-to for you and post is here, give me a second
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dear @vrms thanks for replying me
I have accessed the server where I want to host erpnext using putty.
According to following

when I run: yum update python -y it gives me this error

CRITICAL:yum.cli:Config Error: Error accessing file for config file:///etc/yum.conf

when i check etc/ folder yum.conf file doesn’t exist. I don’t know do i have to create it or not if create what to put in the content?

I think the key here may be the following information at the very top of the howto you are consultiing

“… edited this page on Jun 24, 2013

it is pretty old and i would be surprised whether it would still work. you can find manuals on how to install ERPNext here in this forum or i.e. here.

please be also advised that managing your own ERPNext instance which is exposed to the internet is somethign that requires quite a level of Linux system administration expertise if you want to have a safe and secure system. Many people may be better off with a hosted version of ERPNext like on

This article may be an interesting read in this context

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The title of your post mentions that you are using cPanel. This is not the way to host ERPNext. It may be possible to install from within cPanel but it would be a total nightmare. Typically you need to install ERPNext at a seperate sub domain like not Where points to a totally seperate server IP address. You could try to setup a digital ocean droplet or alternatively save your self a massive amount of hassle and host on ERPNext Cloud. Good Luck :slight_smile:


dear @System19 thanks for replying,

Thats ok if I can install in a separate subdomain , isn’t there any docs regarding this please.

You can try:

And Here

Also search this forum for Install On Digital Ocean or Install on CentOS
Good Luck

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To avoid confusion and a fragmented response this thread continues here Is there any way to host ERPNext from a VPS centos based?