How to link multiple select values from other module with validation?

  1. I have created a Project ID custom field (Datatype: Data) in the Projects module.
  2. I want to link the Project ID field with multiple select options to the Item doctype link field.
  3. From there I want to validate the field to Purchase Order Doctype. While creating the new purchase order to know the item code is mapped with which projects (project id)?

kindly help me to resolve this.

So for each Item there would have to be custom field that would contain a list of the project ids that the item may be linked to. Some items could be linked to more than one project.

The Purchase Order would then have the project id for the project that the Items are being purchased for and if the Item does not have the project id in its list, it could not be added to the PO?

Is that the logic ?

Yes that’s the logic I mentioned above. Kindly reply for any solution.

This thread is somewhat similar , @Pawan suggested a custom doctype . In your case the mapping would be between the project and the item.

Ok I will check and share my feedback.