How to make an account statement for a customer?

I want to make an account statement for a customer to inform him total amount paid and the total amount pending. how to make this kind of document? does it exist?

go to customer
then you can get Accounting Ledger

I find going to Accounting → Accounts Receivable a better report for customer statements.

it will only show outstanding

Don’t know if this is what you are looking for - I found this link on the forum to be really useful to setup a custom print format that shows the customer invoices pending with amounts, etc… you could modify it to include invoices that are also paid…

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Check the Customer Ledger Summary if it meets all you need.
In v13 check Process Statement of Accounts

Is it possible to customise the statement of account PDF document format?


Could someone advise if there is a way to customise statement of account report? Ideally would like to only the outstanding invoices to be listed, not all credit and debit entries on the customer ledger.

If you go to accounts/ accounts receivable and then select the Customer name, this is what I would like to send automatically to the customer. How can this be done?

we can do customization as paid job