How to override the Purchase Order Validations

Hi Everyone,

I have a scenario where Purchase UOM and Stock UOM are different.
I have created a Supplier Quotation as shown below

Purchase Qty. - 100
UOM - Each
Rate - 12.50 INR

Note: Item is Purchased in a pack of 10 each.

Now, the issue is when I create a Purchase Order based on this Supplier Quotation, where I need to select the Purchase UOM as Pack and then need to change the qty. as 10.
The problem occurs when I change the rate if each to pack means 12.50 to 125.
It gives me an error that rate should be 12.50.

I want to override this error, does anybody have an idea how to override it?

Ruchin Sharma

Maybe have a different Item Price?

Yes, Item price is get different when we buy in pack instead of each however we stock in each but the supplier sells it in a pack of say 100. So, when change the item price in Purchase Order from each to pack, say for example 12 to 1200 then it raises an error because rate mentioned in the Supplier Quotation is not Matching with the rate mentioned in the Purchase Order.

As the supplier quotation has only one UOM therefore, we have to create the Supplier Quotation in Stock UOM as it is derived from Material Request.

Ruchin Sharma

@rohit_w can you check?

Hi @ruchin78,

Why are you changing the qty & rate on purchase order? Handle the above scenario using uom conversion.

  1. In item master set uom conversion rate for UOM Pack.

  2. On purchase order item change the uom from Nos to Pack and save it.

You can see converted qty under field Qty as per Stock UOM on purchase order item table

Thanks, Rohit


Lets take an example.

Conversion Factor
Each 1
Pack 10

That shows a pack contains 10 each.

Now, create a Supplier Quotation of 10 each and mention the rate of 1 each there say, 2 Rs.

Now, after submitting the Supplier Quotation create a Purchase Order based on Supplier Quotation and in the PO select the Purchase UOM as pack and change the qty. to 1.
Now, here you need to mention the rate of pack because you are purchasing in pack.
So when you change the rate of each to rate of pack say 2 to 20 then it raises an error.

Ruchin Sharma

Item Master:

Supplier Quotation:

Purchase Order created from Supplier Quotation:


As in this case 1 KG = 50 Each
and the cost of 1 KG is equal to 855 INR and therefore the cost of 1 each is 17.10 INR.

Ruchin Sharma

@rohit_w @rmehta
Any update on this?

Ruchin Sharma

Hi @ruchin78,

I am working on the issue, you will get update in next release.

Thanks, Rohit

@rohit_w the same logic needs to be applied for purchase receipt also - where PO is made in UOM 1, but received in a different UOM.
Please see the conversation at -


Hi Rohit,

Is there any update on this.
As, I am checking the same functionality in Version 7 beta and it is still as it is with no change.

Ruchin Sharma