How to Push Custom app to Github?

Hello ,
I have a privet repo on github , and i am making custom app using Frappe
my problem is :
when i try to add the project to the repo ,frappe folder not uploaded and other files ,
what is the best practice to upload custom app to github ?

my goals are to
-install the system on serve using github cloning
-save changes by commuting and push commands


Each app is a separate repo.

Apps can be installed via the bench using

bench get-app app-name git-url

Hello @rmehta,

I am also looking for the same. How to push customized app to git to use it in other server or instance ?

Hardik Gadesha

git commit to commit your works
git push upstream master to upload it to your remote repo (

Please see this
it’s good start to see how frappe apps work

@Hardik_Gadesha: in addition to suggestions of @jof2jc, I would like to point you to the manual on best practices developing applications with the repos on github: App Development using GitHub · frappe/frappe Wiki · GitHub

In particular, it explains how to do submit contributions to Frappe and ERP Next codebases themselves.

Not a single one of these responses answers the original poster’s question!!!

After you’ve created a custom app in a frappe development installation, how do you push the app to a new empty repo in GitHub??

Where is the answer to this?


This is a basic git/github procedure. It is well documented. Some questions here can be solved with a basic google search.

I really appreciate the efforts from many people working on Frappe, and many kind and patient members of the community. Even a absolutely newbie, like me, receive a lot of help from the beginning. Sometimes people missunderstood some questions, sometimes the questions are not totally clear … everbody fails sometimes …

Please, avoid words like RIDICULOUS. Sounds hurting at least to me.


It is ridiculous. Because it appears that the issue here is Inner Platform Effect. Best I can guess is that the “bench” command “get-app” is nothing more than an alias to “git clone”. But if that’s the case, then its an unnecessary command. The presence of “get-app” makes one wonder what magic is happening and what is the proper way to do the equivalent “put-app”.

So yes, for someone who is not a newbie and actually has experience working with well-designed systems, having commands like “get-app” without an explanation of why the command exists and why there isn’t an equivalent “put-app” is ridiculous. It costs extra time to figure out the right way to do things.

If using git directly to clone apps and push apps is a reasonable process, then “get-app” command should not exist since its creating confusion.

Inner-platform effect - Wikipedia.

I’ve closed this thread, necroed after six years, because it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere productive and because the recent discussion is off-topic from the original post. As has already been said, apps are pushed to remote repos with a standard git push.

@James_Houx: If you want to discuss the purpose of the get-app bench command, please start a new thread. In a sentence, bench get-app does more than just alias git clone, such as installing dependencies and building runtime assets.

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