How to remove not in stock or in stock indication for a service item in the shopping cart portal


i created a service item and would like to know how to remove “Not in stock” or “In stock” for a service item in shopping cart portal.


Service item created like this

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It will require a design change. It should ignore stock check for the service item. Can you please create a Github Issue for it?

Thanks. Created github issue .
Is there any workaround till that time ?

Do you know where the change needs to be made in the code? If you can point me to the correct area, I’m willing to attempt the update. I’m facing the same issue with drop ship items.

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I am guessing that the fix only works in Ver 10. I am working on 9.2.23 and am still experiencing the problem. you might check your version (Help → About) and see if you are in 9 or 10. (Or my assumption is completely wrong.)

Hi Michael, I’m using Version 10. I haven’t applied the patch yet but the fix for Version 9 is likely to be very similar. Maybe you can leverage that to make the updates on Version 9?

Hello jignesh_shah,

You can configured same warehouse for both placed “Target Warehouse” and “Website Warehouse”.
Please see below snapshot.