How to run "bench setup production" unattended?

Whenever I run bench setup production I have to hang around and wait for it to ask if I want to overwrite supervisor.conf and nginx.conf.

Is there a --force or a --nonstop switch?

From a linux tech perspective, you should theoretically be able to do it using pipes… something like this example…

#You can script fdisk.
(echo n; echo p; echo 1; echo 1; echo 200; echo w) | fdisk /dev/sda

but I haven’t tried it on ERPNext

It is worth a try.


I should have thought of it myself :relaxed:

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Have you looked at

sudo bench setup production --help

Basically, you can run

sudo bench setup production USER --yes

@trentmu This is much simpler, isn’t it.



“Executable pseudocode” ???




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Syntactically, Python code looks like executable pseudo code.

Reference: Glue It All Together With Python