How to send print to network printer?

Is there a way we could send print to printer attached to network? Or we could say print same receipt to multiple printers attached to network.

This link may help you

@Pawan saw given post but the issue here it needs internet access. We can’t use it offline. Is there a way we could add some code to core product which would allow network printer to be recognized and print based on configuration done to system something like POS Profile. I believe this would add great advantage to core product.

kindly add this function on ver 12 of ERPNEXT :slight_smile:

Usually when you print a Sales Invoice etc. you take a PDF and print. When you do this, you get an option to select the printer. (Not from ERPNext but when you print from PDF)

Let me make it more clear, for example, when you use Online POS for retail or say some food joint then there should be two copies of print one for customer or one for kitchen / warehouse to prepare order.

Maybe a good candidate for Frappe in electron app to make ERPNext offline.

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What if we make a Windows/Linux print server? On the print server app we can add printers and same will show on ERPNExt Application while we print…