How to set default password for all user at once

Is there possible to reset default password for all user at once?.

go to the bench mysql, and fire a query to set password for all users.

@lokesh, thanks for reply, but can you give sept…
do we need to login in database. or in erpnext bench ?

  1. just go to your setup folder from terminal
    cd folder name>frappe-bench
  2. activate virtualenv -: source ../bin/activate
  3. type bench mysql
  4. Fire a update query on tabUser table.
    update tabUser set new_password = 'your_password' where enabled = 1;
    This will set all users password who are enabled.
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@lokesh, i did your step and change, but when i look in database, password are not encrypted and we can’t login with password.

I´d recommend you use the Bulk Update tool in Frappe…Just update the new_password field for the User doctype.

The effect of using Bulk Update Tool and that Update query will be the same.

The tool is there to make it intuitive for users.

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