How to set Email alert

Email alert is not working for me,it showing only owner in Email By Document Field is there any changes to be done?

Is there anyone know about this I cant able to set email alert

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Dear @gangadhar_k I already visited all the link s u attached but nothing works so that I started a new topic

Hi All,

Currently I’m having the same issue.

Email Alert recipient only showing owner. I would like to include the other recipients as well. For example, to include Leave Approver email to the list.

You can add other email ids in CC field.

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Hi. Thanks for your reply. I actually want exclude the owner from the recipient. Got other ideas?

Hi @KanchanChauhan,

We are looking to add expense_approver or leave_approver to send email alert to. Currently, the dropdown on ‘Email By Document Field’ only has Owner as option. How should we trigger email to expense_approver or leave_approver on Save?

Thank you.

For leave application if you select Notify by Email, email is triggered to approver.

We can add same thing to Expense Claim as well, can you raise github issue for the same.


That is great to hear.

Currently, we are unable to use the ‘Follow via Email’ in Leave Application because we have a workflow on Leave Application and we would like emails to be only sent out at our custom workflow state of ‘Applied’, not the standard ‘Open’. This is why we have resorted to Email Alert. However, this version the dropdown option for ‘Email by Document Field’ is only owner. Any thoughts on how we could turn off the existing trigger and implement trigger at our custom state?

As for Expense Claim, we will investigate on the requirement, and proceed with the raising an issue. As work around for now, we are looking at Email Alert. I recall we were able to do so with the previous version - to setup Email Alert at Save of Expense Claim. However, this version the dropdown option for ‘Email by Document Field’ in Email Alert is only owner. Is that meant to be? How can we trigger Email Alert to Expense Approver?

Thank you.

Is it possible the customize the email which is send to leave approver on creating a leave application.

I need to add leave dates in the email being send to leave approver.