How to show the "Calendar View" in the list view dropdown button

I would like to show the “Calendar View” selection in the list view dropdown button, how do I need to do it, or customize it. Please help.

Hi @JC_Ang,

Please apply the custom/client script on Listview.

frappe.views.calendar["Delivery Note"] = {
	field_map: {
		"start": "posting_date",
		"end": "posting_date",
		"id": "name",
		"title": "customer",
		"allDay": "allDay",
		"progress": "progress"

Then reload (Ctrl + Shift + R) and check it.

Please set your all field your according.

More reference for check it in base:

Thank You!


Thanks you, it is working.

For me it’s working too. But it’s not showing additional labels besides the title and date. Is it possible to have more customizations to include additional fileds on the cards, using the client or server side scripting? Like the Job card calander view in here GitHub - scopen-coop/jobcard_planning: ERPNext App - Calendar way to plan Job Card