How to turn off nagging notification about new version


We keep getting the notification about new version (V11) for ERPNext and Frappe apps every time we log in to our accounts hosted on the ERPNext cloud

How can we turn this off please?



I also want to know if there is a way to disable it. Or may be at-least it should display pop-up to only System Manager(Administrator)
We are self-hosted

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It should be visible to only System Manager. See the pull and discussion here.



Even for System Managers, we need a way to turn it off. We get this pop on our screens practically EVERY TIME we log in… it’s quite a nag


This PR should solve quite a lot of problems related to the update popup fix(update message): multiple fixes by codingCoffee · Pull Request #6275 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

Many thanks @codingCoffee , this is much appreciated

Hope the fix applies for V10 as well. I noticed it was merged to the V11 branch

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@wale thanks for mentioning, that would be my bad. I’ll send in a PR to hotfix also for v10

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