How to upload Folder using frappe framwork

We can easily upload images using the attached images in the doctype. But I want to upload a folder. because every time I have multiple images. and it is not easy to upload images one by one. I want to upload all images at one time in child doct. is there any other way to solve my problem suggest me. Or is possible to auto-download the image folder from google drive or one drive.
Give me any other suggestions you have.

You can upload a zip file and create a server side script to unzip the images to a folder into either “privet” or “public” folder.
then all you need is to list their relative path into “attachment” field (maybe achild table)

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Thanks @alonbr I will check that.

I got one solution from the below link. but my requirement is not full fill.

The above code is working but Image data (EXIF info) is lost. please any one can help me for that I am stuck in that.
The below code is working for image uploading without data loss. but I am not able to upload folder. can we be intrigued by both codes