HSN (GST) in item & Default warehouse not getting pulled in sales invoice

Hi Community,

Tried to search the forum for the issue but did not find any relevant post, hence posting this.

We are using ERPNext v10.1.81 in self-hosted production.

While adding a sales invoice, any items we add do not get the HSN code already added to the item master. Is this a bug or is it a setting which we missed.

Also, warehouse in Stock Details remains blank and we are forced to select for each row. Ideally, we expect default warehouse to be pre-filled.

Will appreciate help in this regards.

Shubham Gupta

I searched in depth and found another post dated Aug’18 which highlights this issue:

There is no solution to this issue in that thread as well.

Can anyone help?

Issue was due to fetch_from not being set in Custom field for gst_hsn_code. I suppose some patch should update the custom field and move option value to fetch_from