HTML in e-mail signature gets changed (V11)

Hi all,

I’m currently working on integrating our e-mail signature we use in Thunderbird to erpNext but ran into some problems.

I have changed the User doctype to accept HTML as explained in this thread:

The first problem I have is that I need to embedd an image as base64 in the e-mail. ERPNext automatically converts the base64 string to a file and replaces the src in the img tag.

My second problem is that even when the image is embedded as a file the signature in the actual E-Mail does not look like it is shown in the preview. After looking at the source of the e-mail I can see that ERPNext added and changed the styles of my signature.

I have attached two screenshots showing the preview of my HTML on the User page and the actual generated E-mail in a quotation. I have redacted any personal information but I think the problem is visible.

Is there a way to stop this behaviour?

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: I’m using V11 of ERPNext

My guess is that your problem is related to the new Quill Markdown editor in v11. (The explanation that you referenced was for v10 and used the Summernote HTML editor.) You can either make the best sig line that you can with the standard v11 version or you can try (and this might be risky) the solution outlined here. Letter Head HTML / Table Setup - #2 by MichaelPinkowski

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Thank you! I will try this tomorrow and hope I don’t break things :slight_smile:

this behavior still occurs in version 13