I am unable create new site or login into erpnext

Latest Mariadb is using unix_socket plugin for root login Authentication Plugin - Unix Socket - MariaDB Knowledge Base

following command results in access denied

mysql -u root -p

with new plugin use command:

sudo mysql -u root

at the prompt remove the plugin and change root password if necessary:

use mysql;
update user set plugin='' where User='root';
flush privileges;

For more on unix_socket plugin related error :

This posts on ERPNExt are rarely going in the direction to solve any issue. weird.
I tried to follow several of them (may be about 40 threads ) descirbing my issues during installation and no one is giving a real soolution. all question all unusefukl details but no one is solving any of the issue found

The “production installationguide” made by few commands is failing all the time to get installed on a blanked Linux node.

Is this admisisble for a supposed to be production application?

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