I can't find Woocommerce Settings in erpnext app

i can’t find Woocommerce Settings in erpnext app

Hy @Rangubha_Makwana

Woocommerce integration V15 has been removed.

Thank You!

Thank you @Mohammadali
can’t you Please let me know if i want to use Woo Commerce so can i do ?

@Rangubha_Makwana You might check with the maintainer of this repository to see if they plan on v15 compatibility.

You can use version 14 works without any problem or you can use a patch for v15 I have not tried it yet I leave you the link

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Thank you @Leo_Sarmiento

@Rangubha_Makwana did you tried the suggested patched version?

no right now i’m not working on it

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I’ll testing this fork in case someone is interested or want to share their learnings