I can't save any row in child table when I am linking 2 docfield to the same child table

I have a single child table - Documents.

I have the main table - A

Now I have 2 fields, lets say field1 and field2 , both of type Table and linked to child table Documents.

But I am not able to save any row in this field1 and field2.

When I am linking only single field1 or field2 its working, but not on both.

Can anybody please check on this.

I am using Frappe v15.7

Hi @Abhiraj_Tulsyan:

It’s working properly for me… can you ellaborate further? Any errors on console?

No I am not getting any console error as well.
I checked the Recorder tab. INSERT Query is not running to insert on the table.

Can I record the video and show it to you?

Yes, it would helps.


Please check this video

I first had 2 docfield as Table type, it’s not working, then I deleted on docfield, its working as fine
and then as soon as I added the new docfield again, its again not working and even the old data is getting deleted.

I have even attached the database table after every operation. Kindly see this once pleaseeeeee

@avc Did you check on this

Hi @Abhiraj_Tulsyan:

I can reproduce the issue under this conditions:

  • 2 table fields pointing to the same child table
  • No field with “In list view” property checked in child doctype

As workaround, just check “In list view” property for your field “Document name” inside your child doctype.

Since this issue is already opened on Github (maybe by yourself), I’ve updated there.

Probably related to this:

Hope this helps.