I want to disable chat feature from all users

I want to disable chat feature for all the users. Please advise.


Ghulam Sarwar

in System Settings, at the Bottom you’ll find a check box to enable or disable the Chat feature.

Dear I am in system settings but unable to see the chat button

I am using latest updated system

Please share the Version.

just make sure your frappe and ERPNext are on develop and updated.

Dear Thanks for your time. This feature is not in the current update. In my online server i can see this feature but i just setup a new erpnext on client site ad this is not visible there. Please help

I have register a trial as well to see this issue but nothing is available to disable the chat


is opening but i am unable to see the disable option

Please share your Frappe and ERPNext version

i’m sure one of them must be V10

Chat is available in V10 and in V11DEVELOP but has been drastically rewritten in V11DEVELOP. The ability to enable or disable chat is only available in V11DEVELOP Develop

Erpnext 10.1.40
Foundation 0.0.1
Frappe 10.1.37

Go to Setup>Role Permission for Page and Report> Select Page in Set Role For
& select Chat in Page,
Click on clear all roles, & give permission to System Manager only or any other one role which is not in use.

Hi Shahid,

I don’t have Chat in Page under Role Permission for Page and Report. I am facing the same issue on v11. What’s the best way to handle it?

I don’t remember the details but someone requested a means in v11 to disable chat to certain users so there certainly is a config in the setup or on the users somewhere