Idea: Change in Project-Billing

@daniel @agerken mockups will be very helpful!

How should I do the mockup?

Try Pencil:

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Will do

I was going to ask you what form/forum is best for submitting ideas, I have a bunch of little ideas that I think would make the system much more intelligent. Mostly dealing with Project and Manufacturing/Stock.

I also have a rough idea for a shop-floor module but that’s a whole different ballgame. Maybe one of these days I’ll have enough time to figure out how to make it.


Here you are:


This would be great!

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Idea is great.
Small note regarding Pencil software — original project got unmaintained, but there is an active fork of it: GitHub - prikhi/pencil: DEPRECATED: Multiplatform GUI Prototyping/Wireframing

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@daniel nice!

If your projects are itemized, why not use Items and then Quotation → Invoice cycle

Or idea :bulb: Maybe there should be an option to make Project from Sales Order, where the items become tasks (?) – this will be a lot easier to execute.


Well this would be a word flow that is ok for me. But I guess for agencies like mentioned they won’t create sales order . Primary the problem is that projects should remain as flexible as they are now. Add a task should be that easy

I have just checked again what you mean by reconstructing your mentioned workflow. I have to say, that creating sales orders or quotation and then creating a project out of them sounds not good to me.

In fact it is nearly Item-Driven. But would you as a creative agency create “static” items whereas you are a free mind? Nope. And I think that’s also now how ERPNext is constructed. Of course there are static elements but first of all it is a flexible yet great ERP and that’s why we (as community) love it that muck.


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Thats sounds good to me for using ERPNext for a design studio.
However, could we integrate billing and invoicing too. Also sub task or a milestone feature will be a very good add-on.

How do we proceed

@daniel do you have developers who can work on this?

@rmehta I guess my e-Mail reply did not work :confused: well doesn’t matter:
Unfortunately I am not having a dev…I’ve been looking for a dev to contribute…If I could do it on my own, I would…but I am more a Swift coder than Python/Web…:confused:

i would like to work on this! If the spec sheet been decided


@vivek @rmehta
I guess the outline and specs of the “project billing cycle” is stated and liked already a lot of times. If you work on this and contribute, maybe @rmehta and the others will include it in the further release and maybe v7.


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@vivek start a pull request, will be happy to keep reviewing

@vivek if you’re going to do some work on the Project module check this post out. I have a couple more ideas that are closely related to this. I’d be happy to work with you on this, but don’t have the coding background!

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