Im receiving this error after logging into my erpnext, please advise

Is there any log in the Bench Start console? If yes, please share.

Is there a custom application?

After which action/update this error started to occur?


This is the error I get. When I login and switch to desk then I see my custom logo with text behind.

Please assist me



@codingCoffee @adityahase cold you guys help?

Is it that I need to update the bench?

No one is willing to help??

Hello Brother

I think so bench needs to be amended

Kindly share a guide on how I can amend the erpnext bench.


What leads you to suspect this is an error?

Why not check the logs for a traceback to confirm your error?

What is the result when you login via a browser?

If you back out your change what happens - does your error go away?

I can’t tell for sure from your screenshot, but I think you are experiencing the problem (and solution!) described here: Urgent help please

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Did you add google analytics script to your website settings ?


Yes I did

Run below query

update tabSingles
set value = null
where doctype=‘Website Settings’ and field=‘head_html’;


Ok thanks brother,
But where do I run this query?


from bench folder : bench --site [site_name] mysql


update tabSingles
set value = null
where doctype=‘Website Settings’ and field=‘head_html’;

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I uninstalled the erpnext from my server, I got frustrated.
Can anyone help me with a guide on how I can install it , a Novice guide through my Mac.


These are THE BEST instructions that I have found for a novice to install ERPNext onto a mac.

But… This assumes a clean install from step one to the very last step. Take your time and read carefully. The only notes that I made was this: In Step 11, If you are setting up Developer mode, you need to add these lines:

“db_name”: “1bd3e0294d”,
“db_password”: “jfhgsdfjgh35h34j”,
“developer_mode”: 1

Don’t miss the comma at the end of the second line.

It worked for me (a complete novice). I wish you well.

Thanks so much brother

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What about for setting up erpnext in Ubuntu 16.
Okey send me the instructions.

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