Import chart of accounts issue

Instead of importing Excel file, I use Google Sheets (google drive) to do things faster.

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But the error we are getting is that there is some parent account missing and having reviewed our sheet critically there was no account missing.

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You are right, it may be a bug as the chart importer tool used to work fine with me using the same not-sorted table. I found out that the fastest way to import the COA is to sort by account number then import each level in an ascending order (i.e level 1 then level 2, etc…)

When can they fix the Chart of Accounts Importer? Data Import by level is tedious, and still require deleting the default Chart of Account created with the Company. Also, Data import has the parent id referring to the Account ID which is the concatenation of account number+" - " + account name + " - " + company abbreviation. Chart of Accounts Importer was much easier to load when it was working.


The usual error of missing Parent Accounts can be resolved by ensuring exact match of the Parent Account ID. Following are what I do:

  1. I use Excel so I can do vlookups and string concatenation.
  2. I create the Account ID by joining the Account number, account name and company abbreviation which are separated by space-hyphen-space.
  3. I make sure the Parent ID are exactly matched by doing vlookups of the Parent Account in the IDs. This catches extra or missing space characters which is hard to detect with visual checking.
  4. I make sure the Is Group of Parent Account is 1. I do this actually by doing vlookups of the ID of the Parent Account and assigning the value of 1 if found, 0 if not.
  5. I have the master Excel template where I add a column to indicate the Parent Level. From this, I create CSV files starting with the top most level and import from the top levels.
    By the way, you need more than the basic knowledge of Excel functions to do above. I’ll post later a sample Excel workbook with above functions.
    If only Chart of Accounts Importer is working, life could have been easier.
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