Import invoice images/PDF

Thank you @shakeel_viam1 for your message!

Does erpnext then import the files from google drive, or just save the URLs?
I previously tried to import the URLs, but that only led to persistence of the URLs (and not the download of the files into erpnext)

Make a text editor field, name it invoice image ect.
Use a screenshot tool to capture pdf
I use a tool called fireshot it is a chrome plugin. Then paste the image into the field. Add the field to your print format and then you can view/print it inline.

and how can I import it on mass with a csv?

You have to put the URLs in the template and upload

Sure, it simply attaches the URL then (and doesnt download it), whats logical, but not what we need, if we want to shutdown the old assets.

Shut down the old asset as in?

I mean the system, on which those images/pdfs are located.
So the goal is to migrate them into ERPNext… not just the URLs.

You have to upload all the images into a folder in Google Drive. And make URLs of all the image files, paste the URL into the relevant field in the template from Erpnext and upload it.

Thanks again for your suggestion, I was still asking, if erpnext will then import just the urls, or if it will get downloaded.

I think, we’ll in the end build a simple script to iterate the invoices and post them with several curl commands to the api.

Once it’s migrated to ERPNEXT you can download it to ERPnext through the link

I can assist you if we can connect 1-1

No worries, but thanks. I didn’t have a drive integration yet, and so far, I am still not sure, that the files will get downloaded into ERPNext .

This is not enough, it needs to be located IN ERPNext.

However, as I already told, before making it complicated, I’ll just use the API with curl

➜ curl -X POST \
  http://<base-url>/api/method/upload_file \
  -H 'Accept: application/json' \
  -H 'Authorization: token xxxx:yyyy' \
  -F file=@/path/to/file/file.png

(from REST API)