Include Frappe Data Table

How to use Frappe DataTable using custom script.
I have follow below documentation to installed the DataTable.
currently i am using erpnext version 11

Please Help!

So you have searched and referred to these docs Not Found

This online example Frappe DataTable - JSFiddle - Code Playground

And Faris’s writeup Making a new datatable for the web | by Faris Ansari | Frappe Thoughts | Medium

edit: I wonder whether perhaps includes a working code example?

And not to confuse a DataTable with a DataGrid -

“the datagrid project will replace the report grid in V11”

[Demo] [v7] Editable grids - #6 by clarkej


Thank you so much @clarkej
How can I apply the pagination. For e.g : I want to see only 10 rows on first page then on 2nd page another 10 rows.

Also I don’t want fields to be editable and rows getting removed when we click on Remove Column .
I don’t want some features so how to do that and Please help me with example or code.

DataTable has appendRows method which you can use for paging.

Unfortunately, there is not a standard way to disable the standard column dropdown options like “Remove Column”, probably i’ll make it removable in the next version.

If you could create an issue Issues · frappe/datatable · GitHub it would be easier to track.

Thank for the quick reply @netchampfaris
how to achieve paging? can you please share the script.

Seek posts and users for howto clues? Datatable sometimes not loading

@nikzz this user already suffering for the Solution.

any update for Datatable Paging.