Incoming email account not correct ERROR GMAIL

I am trying to setup incoming and outgoing emails. I want to receive and send from one gmail ID. Can you please help me as I am receiving “Incoming email account not correct ERROR”. I don’t know how to solve this.


Check your domain settings and share screen shots of your configuration if possible. Also, you can post technical queries on

same issue did u solve it?

I can’t remember the exact details but you need to change a setting in your Google settings to lessen the authentication level used as ERPNext can only work with the reduced security level. There are more details on this forum quite recently for the same issue.

I am also facing the same issue. I am unable to create a new domain that is

It gives me error “incoming email account not correct”

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Check out these - with ERPNext as your mail client, gmail may require that you use their ‘app password’

How to Create App-Specific Passwords in Gmail

@Azam_Imtiaz, There is no need to create a new domain I think. Instead, use the service dropdown/field where GMail is one of the options.

In your Gmail settings you may need to Let less secure apps use your account

This also has to be done when using OSX Mail, Thunderbird and lots of other email clients.
I can confirm that using Gmail with ERPNext works no problem.