India Compliance - Is there any way to revert to v13 GST Implementation in v14

India Compliance is still maturing, Would appreciate if any pointers are given on how to continue using the India GST settings from v13 in v14.

Have problems especially with eInvoicing and eWay. Totally tied to one ASP/GSP also there is no way to test the implementation on a sandbox.

What problems? Please specify so that we can improve.

There is. As of now it is undocumented, but if you had just reached out to us, we’d have responded. You can enable sandbox mode by setting the ic_api_sandbox_mode site config to 1. You can run the following command to achieve this:

bench --site [your-site-name] set-config ic_api_sandbox_mode 1

You may need to run bench restart on production instances after this.

There are reasons for this. Again, if you had just reached out to us about it. I am happy to enunciate more on this if needed.

If you need priority support - whether it is to continue with India Compliance or switch back to v13, please reach out to us at this email address:

hello at indiacompliance dot app

PS: please use the India Compliance category - we get notifications based on that.


Thank You for the prompt response.

I changed the mode to sandbox, but where can I set the sandbox credentials and which are the sandbox GSTINs which I can use.

What problems? Please specify so that we can improve.
I understand that there is more that I have to explore once I setup the configuration. Probably that will resolve the issues.

But one issue that I have noted is, the default implementation won’t load the Item Tax Template automatically. Have to manually select the Item Tax category. We have to do a workaround to auto load.

This is a wonderful solution that you guys are putting together if everything works out of the box. But it would always be good to provide an option to choose a custom GSP.

You don’t have to worry about these things! They are handled in the source code for e-Waybill and e-Invoice. (example)

All you need to do is login to your India Compliance account and set the ic_api_sandbox_mode config and any dummy credentials. (API credits will not be consumed for sandbox API)

For the Public API (search), you can use this GSTIN: 33GSPTN9771G3ZP

Reasons why we went with our own ASP solution (based on our experience):

  • GSPs charge separately for different APIs.
  • GSPs don’t extend validity of API credits about to expire.
  • Different GSPs sometimes provide APIs differently - there’s no consistency.
  • The minimum purchase price set by GSPs is generally high for a SME business.
  • What will the added benefit be, for the end user? All functionality stays the same.

All in all, we wanted to provide a better, consistent UX for the end user.

If you’re a service provider, we provide an option to club the India Compliance API with your service. Frappe already uses this. Additionally, we do offer a post-paid option with a minimum annual commitment. This way, you never have to worry about the expiry of credits.

If you want to hide the India Compliance account from your customers, you can just set the API secret programatically by running following command:

bench --site [your-site-name] set-config ic_api_secret ***

Replace *** with API secret we provision for you.

There are multiple configurations that can be used to achieve this as of now:

  • Tax Category
  • Default Tax Template
  • Tax Rules

Please reach out to us if you need further support with this. Nevertheless, we’re working to improve this.