India Compliance - Unable to generate sales or purchase transactions

Using v14 with India Compliance Setup.
All taxes loading correctly If I select the charges template manually. (This was auto loading in v13).

But the problem is, I am unable to save either a purchase order or sales order with GSTIN enabled for a “Registered Regular” company.

Getting error
Company GSTIN is a mandatory field for GST Transactions.

Have done the following settings, Am I missing any other setting?
Under Company–>

Please make sure you have GSTIN and GST Category set in Company Address as well.

  • GSTIN and GST Category fields are fetch in transactions from company address.
  • Where a company address is not created, create one.
  • Ensure its coming up in Transaction Doctypes, For Purchase transaction relevant field is Comapny Billing Address
  • These fields are added to company to ensure if its a registered company.

FYI for party doctypes (customers and suppliers) also,

  • GSTIN and GST Category is first fetch from Address. Where address is missing, its fetch from party doctype.

GSTIN was missing in Company Address.

Updated GST Category in Supplier Address as well. (This solved the autopopulation issue of purchase template).

Now the taxes are loading correctly and able to save the transaction.

Thank You. Appreciate the timely response.