Information doesn't get fetched when items are selected on warehouse

In stock reconciliation custom fields information only get fetched when the items are selected manually one by one. The information does not get fetched when items are selected based on a warehouse.

Have you written add_fetch script to pull items details in the custom field? Add_fetch script would work only if items are selected from item_code field.

May I know which custom fields are added in the Stock Reconciliation? As per the design, sufficient item details are fetched in the stock reco. Since it is an internal document, not all item details are fetched, like in transaction.

Thanks for replying. I understand that the Stock Reconciliation is an internal document as its purpose is to reconcile the stock.

To understand my problem you have to know that we have a little toy store. And although the store is small we have around 4000 different products. Knowing all the item codes by heart is just impossible. So we use the Android-App ScanPet which takes the reconciliation-table and searches for the scanned EAN-Code. That’s why we need the barcode.
Some items don’t have a barcode. That’s where we need to be able to search through the item names.

I hope you understand that with 4000 items selecting each one manually as workaround isn’t practical.

I’ve added 2 fields: item_name and barcode.

I tried using an add_fetch script and also by adding the option item_code.item_name. Both ways work great but only - as you said - when I select items manually from item_code field.

@umair is there any way to achieve that?

BTW: As you can see in, I don’t seem to be the only one wanting to extend the reconciliation tool. @Deven_Shah seems to have a similar request.


Is there a way to get this done? I also have imported the items from a specific warehouse, but the item name does not follow.