Install 7.2.19 frappe version


Now have 7.2.30 frappe version. If I install fappre then always is installed 7.2.30.
But I want to install 7.2.19 version.
How is it possible?

Hi @arif

Check commit log number of version 7.2.19 in frappe repo and run command git reset --hard commit_log number.

How can I Check commit log number of version 7.2.19 in frappe repo ?

Hi @arif

Check Commits · frappe/frappe · GitHub

I hope you know the git commands properly

Hi @rohit_w,

I have find out commit log.
Now I have another question.
Where I will put git reset --hard code?
bench-repo or frappe-bench?

Hi @rohit_w

where you answer?

If I put git reset --hard commit_number at frappe-bench/apps/frappe and frappe-bench/apps/frappe then bench start is not working. Then need to bench setup --procfile and bench update.

If I do bench update then my purpose is not served.

@arif: I am afraid the only way to sort out your problem is to fix the root cause. You need to do your customization in a way suggested by Frappe (see Switch frappe from 7.2.30 to 7.2.19 - #13 by arif), and not in a way you actually did it. Then you will not be dependent on any specific version of Frappe/ERP Next, and bench update actions will not break the experience on your servers.

The problem is the core ERP Next files of Accounting modules (that you modified directly) may have been changed or affected by Frappe team’s changes. This leads to the version conflict and update errors.