Install app chat in another database

Hi everyone,

=== Description ===:

  • Frappe: v14
  • ERPNext: v14
  • Other app: hrms, lms, education
  • Deployment with docker compose

I have a stuck with scaling system. When use chat app in local, I realize that logs of messages have been grown up quickly.
I want to write doctype of chat in another database and chat still installs in the same site within the other apps but I haven’t found any approach.

Please give me some idea.

suggestion will have similar effect.

install chat on another site

create oauth client in your main frappe/erpnext site

create social login key in chat app site using oauth client created above

Thanks for your suggestion,

I have some questions to confirm:

  • I guest after I had created an OAuth Client and Social Login Key, the main site created new chat app and it redirected to 2nd-site, right ?

And finally you can describe step by step to test in local.

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I try following this discussion.

Your suggestion can be resolved my problem. But I config Social Login Key in main site and OAuth Client in chat site.
I have some bugs and conflict after I try to setup with your discussion.

Please help me,

Yes, login will work. Roles will not propagate, you need to manually set roles if required.

From website settings allow signup.

Social login only works if signup is enabled.

It works well, thanks