Install app healthcare to erpnext 14.x version

Hi @revant_one ,

I have successfully installed erpnext using

But healthcare module is missing…
Can you please help how to install healthcare app to erpnext?


Hi @Neeraj_Singh,

In version 13, please go to the domain setting and enable the healthcare module.

In version 14, you have to install some apps separately. Please check it.

Thank You!

Thanks for reply!

I tried to use GitHub - castlecraft/custom_frappe_docker. But getting error-

Can you please share steps how to install healthcare app separately, using frappe_docker?

@revant_one can you please look into this? thanks in advance!

set the version to v14.7.0. Tag version-14.7.0 won’t work. There is no such image to pull from.

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Need your help,

I couldn’t find out health care app in the domain setting. once I setup for production OVA. Its showing only retail and manufacture

Hi @Boosa_Shravan,

Health Care app is sepretly in version-14. so you should install the app via

bench get-app  -branch version-14 healthcare

Then check it.

Thank You!