Install frappe v12 & v13 on same server

Can I Install frappe v12 & v13 on same server?
I had a node version conflict when tried that.


Technically you can achieve this by creating two separate frappe-bench folders (which includes the apps, sites, etc.) on the same server and having multi-tenancy on.

There are threads that explain the pro-cons of these if you search through the forum.

Here are some more helpful links on the topic:

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If you want native bench you may have to use nvm instead of nodejs that comes with apt-get or dnf

It can also be done using containers.


Docker Swarm


NAME                                                          READY   STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
backup-push-erpnext-v12-1611881100-msmqg                      0/1     Completed   0          30h
backup-push-erpnext-v12-1611924300-j9t25                      0/1     Completed   0          18h
backup-push-erpnext-v12-1611967500-4qktl                      0/1     Completed   0          6h55m
frappe-bench-v12-erpnext-erpnext-6c9cc88bf6-6wbn7             2/2     Running     1          46h
frappe-bench-v12-erpnext-scheduler-6c68499f75-c42jk           1/1     Running     0          32m
frappe-bench-v12-erpnext-socketio-66f5795658-mktzx            1/1     Running     0          46h
frappe-bench-v12-erpnext-worker-d-6594c56c98-kl2b6            1/1     Running     1          32m
frappe-bench-v12-erpnext-worker-l-b595dc6d5-nc4ct             1/1     Running     1          46h
frappe-bench-v12-erpnext-worker-s-9b9b56755-hqjqs             1/1     Running     1          46h
frappe-bench-v13-erpnext-erpnext-6db9df794f-2th7r             2/2     Running     0          12d
frappe-bench-v13-erpnext-scheduler-6bc4cf4c7-87785            1/1     Running     1          12d
frappe-bench-v13-erpnext-socketio-c6f8d587b-2p64n             1/1     Running     0          12d
frappe-bench-v13-erpnext-worker-d-7d96bd859f-s5tgk            1/1     Running     1          12d
frappe-bench-v13-erpnext-worker-l-6787dc5b46-22htn            1/1     Running     1          12d
frappe-bench-v13-erpnext-worker-s-6f74584777-6k2fl            1/1     Running     1          12d
migrate-sites-frappe-bench-v12-erpnext-20210128142323-2npr4   0/1     Completed   0          46h
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Thanks Revant. Will try that.

Thanks Kenneth.

I already separated the bench but the node module are conflict.